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There is a very good reason that you may have seen people from all over the world advertising the Global Domains International Platform.
GDI is an internet marketing stalwart that has been in successful operation since 1999 providing real, tangible products and services to its retail customers while allowing affiliates to earn realistic, long term residual income.
Some days it seems that every second advertisement you come across in the traffic exchanges or safe lists are for one GDI team or another and for a long time we saw this as evidence that the market for GDI products and services was saturated with the possibility of success with GDI being limited at best.
You know the ads…
“Just join and earn a million dollars like the guy who made the page I’m promoting!”
What they don’t tell you is that they are only making $27 a month…
Well what is wrong with that?
That is success in anyone’s book!
But of course, we want more and that is where our TEAM, GDI Prosperity works for YOU!
We ensure that YOU get direct SALES & REFERRALS.
Then we ensure that that is duplicated.
Imagine that same person earning $27 each month from 27 people they have either sold the GDI products to or signed up as an affiliate.
Just imagine what happens when you add the power of duplication?
Want to find out right now?
Go on, try it out with 27 referrals and then add the duplication with each of those getting 27 referrals.
WHOA…… Almost 15 million dollars in monthly income!
Let’s say 10 direct referrals who each get 10.
Now try out just 6 or 7 referrals who each get 6 or 7, how would that change your life?
GDI Prosperity WORKS FOR YOU until YOU HAVE 7.
Then we WORK FOR YOUR REFERRALS until they have 7.
Yes, it takes time! 
It will probably take a few months before you have your 7 direct referrals.
But that’s ok.
You see, as soon as you have even 1 direct referral who is also a member of our team they will start getting their own referrals who will also be getting theirs.
Most of our members have referrals on their 2nd and 3rd level well before they have 7 on their first level. 
Does even ~20k per month sound unlikely to you? I mean that is approximately 20 thousand people signing up somewhere below you which is absolutely huge.
Maybe it is unlikely, it certainly won’t happen overnight.
To get every single member 7 referrals on their first level.
It doesn’t matter if you never do any work or advertising of your own! WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU!
And while it will take time to achieve the goal level of income, every step of the way, every dollar earned between now and then is still real, cold hard cash in YOUR pocket.
We can’t stop once our 5 levels are filled below team admin either!
Even if you are on the very bottom of our  team (say you procrastinate and end up joining me in 2 years time) we are highly incentivised to ensure that you also get your 7 referrals and that they get theirs.
The bottom level is the most important because once they start to quit it can lead to a reverse avalanche of attrition and people leaving until all we are left with are our true retail customers. 
The potential is unlimited with GDI and we intend to leverage a good chunk of that potential.
What are you waiting for? Join Our Team Today!